"How Grass-Fed Milk May Cure Diabetes!
 Plus Lactose-FREE Yogurt Recipe!" 
Find Out How Real Milk Has Been Used For Centuries To Regenerate The Pancreas & Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels. Also, An Interview With Naturopathic Doctor Ron Schmid On Healing Diabetes With Milk & Yogurt!


In this Lesson I'm going to talk about a very heated issue - whether adults should consume dairy foods including raw milk and cultured milk products. We'll also discuss how these PRIMAL dairy products may help you heal and control Type 2 Diabetes. Also, we'll delve into the critical life and death difference between pasteurized milk and raw milk! First, we'll explore a little history to put everything in perspective and then we'll get down to the real deal.

Milk of-course is the first food of all mammalian infants, and no one disputes that milk from a healthy, well-fed mother is absolutely the best food for the developing infant. Of-course, human breast milk is species specific - that is it is made exclusively for the human infant. The quality and amount of fat, protein, sugar, minerals, vitamins and immune factors are ideal for babies. Remember, babies are given raw breast milk  it's not pasteurized. No question that it is better than even the best milk from another species. But, there's also the fact that humans for the past 8,000 to 10,000 years have domesticated cows, goats, sheep, horses, camels, buffaloes, yaks, etc. and have successfully used their raw, unpasturized milk as food for babies, children, adults, the infirm and the elderly.

Koumiss, Yogurt, Kefir
Milk, whether raw or cultured can be very powerful, healing food. Koumiss, (pronounced "ku meece") for example, is cultured milk from pasture-fed horses (mares) and was the staple diet of Genghis Khan's Mongol hordes. His light cavalry, which subsisted almost entirely on koumiss during the warm weather months conquered more territory than any other army in the history of the planet. This is Warrior Food! Koumiss, yogurt and kefir are arguably the world's most perfect foods, as the beneficial bacteria pre-digest the sugars, proteins and fats in the milk to make it highly digestible.

            So healthful is koumiss that today there are over fifty sanitaria in Russia which heal chronic diseases and rejuvenate the elderly with koumiss. For a serious condition, the patient is fed a quart and a half of koumiss daily. According to one expert, the Russians are milking more than 250,000 horses and it's not enough to fill the demand!
Dr Weston Price visited isolated Swiss villagers in the early 1930's and found a people who's staple diet was raw milk, raw cultured milk (yogurt), raw butter, some veggies, fruit, and meat. The cows were totally pasture-fed. The men were considered so hardy and stalwart that for centuries they served as the Pope's elite, private bodyguards - The Swiss Guards!

            In fact, up until the 1930's raw milk was universally considered "the perfect food!" This was true not just for infants, but also for diabetics and other victims of disease. But then the commercialization of the milk industry changed everything. Large conglomerates bought up local dairies but had one problem. You see... they couldn't ship raw milk long distances and place it on supermarket shelves. It will spoil. If however, it is heated (pasteurized) to kill all the natural bacteria and all the living enzymes, then the shelf life is extended by weeks. It's now a dead, lifeless product, but it won't spoil. However, pasteurized milk will rot, as any dead animal tissue will.

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From: "Heal Diabetes Now" Training Program Lesson # 17.

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