Juice-Fasting Vs. Water-Fasting! - Unleash the Surgeon Within - Detoxify, Heal Insulin  Resistance, Restore Your Pancreas, Lose FAT & Banish Diabetes!
(Lesson # 4 - Vol. 3 # 1)

Fasting works because your body contains the capacity to heal when the impediments to healing are removed. Health is your normal state. Most chronic disease, including diabetes are the result of unnatural diet and lifestyle that places an enormous amount of stress on the body. Before insulin was discovered in 1922, fasting therapy was a popular diabetes treatment. Of-course the differences between Type 1 diabetics who have insufficient insulin and Type 2 diabetics who have ineffective insulin was not known yet so this therapy did not work for all. Still, it was reported that even in severe cases, water-fasting resolved the symptoms of blood glucose spilling into the urine (glucosuria) and diabetic acidosis even in weak and emaciated patients.
      "...following a prolonged fast, the diabetic patient shows a substantial improvement in insulin function independent of the degree of weight loss, and restoration of pancreatic function can occur that does not occur with weight loss alone. Complete remission of diabetes was reported in many patients."
      "...Fasting should not be used early in the treatment, but rather after many months on the diabetic reversal diet, (PRIMAL Foods Diet) when the person has lost most of the excessive weight. At this point an extended fast can remove the last bit of difficult-to-lose weight and, more important, give the pancreas a chance to rest so it can reset its sensitivity to glucose and recover normal function."
      "The combination of fasting, which places the least demand possible on the patient's overworked pancreas, with the lower insulin demands of the new diet gives the pancreas its well-earned rest and enables the body to accomplish internal house-cleaning and to repair cells damaged by years of diabetes. Importantly, since all diabetics have significant blood vessel disease with hardening of the arteries diffusely throughout their vessels, the fast is able to address the damage already done. Like no other therapeutic modality, fasting removes the risk of cardiovascular accident or other complication that was practically inevitable without this intervention."

      "... we should not use medication at all in type II diabetes; instead, we should utilize aggressive nutritional intervention with fasting, the most effective treatment for these patients."
      "My results, obtained from diabetics adopting this natural approach, show that over 95 percent of type II diabetics can come off all medications with much better blood sugar control than they had on insulin or oral medication." 
Digestion and Healing
Are Both Energy Intensive!
Fasting gives your body a vacation by eliminating the chore of digesting food so that healing and repair is greatly accelerated. When you eat a big meal you feel drained and just want to sleep. That's because your body must labor to produce and secrete digestive enzymes to decompose the food, transport these simpler components into the cells lining the digestive tract, and then move these nutrients into the bloodstream for delivery throughout your body. This is an energy intensive process. Digestion can drain your body of vitality and energy - energy that will better serve to fuel the healing process.
But, your body's burdens don't end there. At each meal, you're also ingesting toxins, additives and other poisons. In addition, there are bacterial by-products, wastes from digestion, wastes from cellular metabolism and excess nutrients that your body cannot use. Your liver, kidneys, bowels and other organs have to work hard to remove these wastes.
Very little healing occurs if 50% to 80% of your energy is devoted to digestion and the removal of food debris.
 Finally, consider that when very sick, your appetite and hunger disappears. Your body is telling you NOT TO EAT, because your ability to digest is severely diminished! Eating when your energy is low almost insures that you will absorb partially or improperly digested food and your recovery will be hampered...

      I contacted Mr. Dennis Paulson, the founder and director of Fasting Center International, Inc. (FCI) and asked him to remark on water-fasting vs. juice-fasting. He's what he said...

Excerpt from: "Heal Diabetes NOW" Training Program, Lesson # 4.

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