Your Guide To Vitamins & Minerals
Critical For Type 2 Diabetes!
(Chapter 18 - Vol. 1 # 7)

Before Purchasing Diabetic Supplements,
Learn Which Form Is Most Absorbable
- How It Controls Insulin Resistance &
Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels - What The
Optimum Dosage Is & Its Saftey Record!


"Your Guide To Vitamins & Minerals Critical For Type 2 Diabetes" is an issue from The Diabetic Warrior Newsletter. Twenty of my best issues have been compiled as chapters to form the eBook:  "How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!"

"Your Guide To Vitamins & Minerals Critical For Type 2 Diabetes" is Chapter 18 and it contains much more than simple advice on which diabetic supplements to take. First it reveals the specific raw vegetable juices that are proven to help diabetics. You'll learn how directional juicing can heal your pancreas, stomach and spleen -how to LOSE WEIGHT with NO HUNGER CRAVINGS - and what portion of your dinner plate should be meat or fish, vegetables and good fats to control blood sugar.

This chapter also summarizes which PRIMAL foods you should consume before starting on a diabetes supplement regimen. These foods includes PRIMAL meats and fish, oils and fats, dairy products, and vegetables.

You'll also learn how certain PRIMAL foods and whole food concentrates deliver undiscovered co-factors and sub-factors that allow vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to work together in order to cure diabetes!

Chances Are You Need Diabetic Supplements!

However, I'm a realist. You may need therapeutic amounts of diabetic supplements specially formulated to stabilize your blood sugar, control insulin resistance, support your pancreas and bring your system back into balance.  

Before you purchase diabetes vitamins and minerals - learn about them first! I know you want to feel better fast - but BEFORE YOU BUY discover in what form a particular diabetes vitamin or mineral is most absorbable, exactly how if helps your body heal diabetes, what dosage to take and its safety record. 

Here's what you'll learn about minerals.

Minerals Important for the Diabetic

  • Discover which trace mineral, when lacking can cause diabetes all by itself.

  • Diabetics are so depleted in another trace element that doctors actually prescribe it as they would an oral anti-diabetic drug to lower blood glucose levels.

  • A deficiency of another mineral can cause sugar coating of your vital hemoglobin and impairment of insulin binding to cell membranes.

  •  A particular macro-mineral increases insulin secretion in diabetic patients.

  •  Another macro-mineral is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions. Low blood levels are associated with diabetic eye disease.

  • A deficiency of another trace element is associated with atherosclerosis and is also facilitates healthy pancreatic beta cell function.

  • Two macro-minerals that work together can aid your heart and also lower high blood pressure.

  • Another trace element serves as a powerful antioxidant to prevent or delay diabetic retinopathy and cataracts.

  • Here's a trace element that is used to repair the retina of the eye and the kidneys. It also helps the central nervous system to alleviate the tingling, pain and numbness of neuropathy.

Vitamins Critical for the Diabetic

  • Find out about two dynamic duo vitamins that work best if supplemented together. One prevents cataracts, enables night vision and is vital for healthy skin. The other is necessary for insulin and glucose regulation.

  • You'll learn about a family of several hundred phyto-nutrients that are powerful antioxidants which act to protect your arteries and ward off cancer.

  • Discover a fantastic group of related vitamins that transforms glucose into energy, is vital for the brain and cardio-vascular function, helps alleviate eye disorders, is a component of your glucose tolerance factor, lowers your insulin requirements, increases beta cell function, improves circulation in your hands and feet, stimulates the burning of body fat, lowers blood triglycerides, repairs nerve damage in neuropathy and inhibits the sugar coating of proteins (glycosylation).

  • You'll learn about a vitamin that dramatically reduces the production of sorbitol. Sorbitol is a waste product of glucose metabolism and in high levels it binds to critical proteins (glycation) making them less functional. This leads to diabetic complications.

  • Another vitamin along with co-factor substances aids in the healing of diabetic wounds and ulcers. It also facilitates the healing of small veins and capillaries damaged by high blood glucose. By repairing leaky blood vessels it helps to alleviate diabetic eye diseases and nerve damage. These co-factors also protect your pancreatic beta cells from free-radical damage.

  • Another very critical vitamin also reduces the glycosylation of proteins in addition to protecting your cellular membranes from oxidation. This vitamin increases your body's concentration of glutathione; a major antioxidant that helps protect against eye disease, neuropathy and hardening of the arteries.


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